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Established in 1992


Create a SECOND income without getting a SECOND job! 

Have you been searching for a affordable business of your own?
You are not alone! 

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Learn about a Debt-Free and Prosperous lifestyle with no boss, no time clocks, no commute, but a repeating income-stay home business where you can work in your PJ's if you want.
How does this work?
Franchise Alternatives
TM is an inexpensive, tried-and-proven, 9 year old system for the average person to earn a repeating income from home.  It works just like a franchise, without the commitment in time and money.

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Pam and Tony Bowling "Successful people have everything they need and can get what they want, unsuccessful people always want what they need and can't get what they want."

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Can anyone do this?
Yes!  People just like you are realizing their dreams in a very short time. 

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You might be thinking, "Will this work for me?"
Are you wondering if you are qualified to earn a repeating, stay home six-figure income?  WHY should you try?  If you are serious about taking charge of you life then Click Here to contact us for a confidential, no obligation online interview to see if you qualify.
Franchise Alternatives
are NOT the franchise
opportunities you have known in the past!

Not these franchises!

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Tony and Pam Bowling, Founding Partners
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EchoMark (TM) - Franchise Alternatives (TM) for Creating Repeating Incomes Echomark TM
Established in 1992
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